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I used to work as an advisor for an international organisation and decided to make a radical change of course in 2002, just after giving birth to my daughter Hannah.

Conquered by my adorable daughter with her incredible curly blond hair, inspired by this tender and poetic world of childhood and driven by a tremendous desire for beauty, I opened Boucle d’Or in one of the most charming neighbourhoods of Brussels, le Châtelain (or Kastelijnswijk in Dutch).


Boucle d’Or is a place for meeting people and of sharing too, around ravishing and lovely children’s fashion selected with care and in a spirit of fair trade. We ensure that the brands we work with are environmentally and ethically conscious. Most of the collections we choose are certified OEKO-TEX Standard 100.


We dress your children from 0 to 16 years old.


For a few seasons Boucle d’Or has been offering a small selection of timeless items for women, in a spirit of slow-fashion, stylish but conscious: kimonos, scarves, fuzzy pants, sandals, sneakers, baskets and handwoven canvas bags. Little treasures that come enliven our world until now only dedicated to children.


The Boucle d'Or family is growing and in response to your warm welcome and encouragements we get each time our customers visit the store, we are more enthusiastic than ever to continue this wonderful adventure thanks to our new website!  


Enjoy and see you soon!


After spending almost 5 years in NYC working as a Senior Asset Manager in real estate, I had to fly back to Brussels in March 2020 because of the pandemic.. I remember being on the phone with Sabrina, talking about the store (and about a lot of other things like food, books, movies, friends, love and more food) and at some point we realised this was probably the most opportune time to start developing the Boucle d’Or online store. Exactly one month later the website was online! It has been an amazing and interesting adventure, a considerable amount of time has been spent behind my laptop (and I loved it!) but during these times of professional lethargy I couldn't be more grateful for this challenge & opportunity. I really would like to thank my dear friend Sabrina (aka la plus Italienne des Bruxelloises) for trusting me to carry out this project!

It’s a work in progress and we continue to improve the website but I think we undoubtedly managed to capture the spirit of Boucle d’Or and we obviously hope you’ll enjoy it!



All illustrations are by the amazing TINOU LE JOLY SENOVILLE

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