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Sorry, it's been some time since our last post but we're kind of in a holiday mode... I just came back from Corsica and Sabrina is enjoying a well-deserved holiday in Italy, living la dolce vita in Pietrasanta! But, we insist to keep on introducing our amazing friends... so please meet Yael, Florence and Sophie!


Yael Landman & Giulia (8 years)

Yael is class and elegance embodied. She is a woman of style and conviction. After having been the high priestess of haute couture lingerie (Helena Christensen & Madonna - just to give you some names - were crazy about her brand), she just completed a Master in Political Science! Yael is the ultra-feminine, brilliant and bright type of woman we love and I’m not worried for Giulia, I’m sure she’ll take after her incredible mom!

Colour: powder pink

Scent: violet

Song: Mistral Gagnant by Renaud / Sunday Morning by Velvet Underground

City: Hydra 🇬🇷

Dessert : merveilleux

Day: Sunday

Flower: cherry blossom


Sophie Novali & Jane (16 months)

The first time I met Sophie was at Place Brugmann. At that time she wasn’t yet a mother but her style and beauty had seduced me. Now she’s the mother of a beautiful boy called Liam (12 years) and a cute little Jane (16 months). It’s always a pleasure to welcome them at the store and I love to watch Jane observing Sophie's moves with her beautiful big eyes. What I love about Sophie is her ability to reinvent herself, after a remarkable career in advertising she decided to go back to school to study neuropsychology. I deeply respect and admire women who dare to change their life and venture out to new challenges. Another inspiring mom!

Colour: nude

Scent: clean linen

Song: Sushi by Cocoon / To Build a Home by The Cinematic Orchestra

City: Brussels (of course)

Dessert : cupcake 🧁

Day: Wednesday

Flower: wild purple flowers


Florence Dall’Aglio & Sasha (7 months)

I haven’t known Florence for a long time. The first time I saw her was at Boucle d’Or and I thought, OMG, she’s probably the most beautiful pregnant woman I have seen in years! She was smiling, fulfilled, serene and stylish. I was immediately charmed of course… During her pregnancy Florence wore colorful dresses with such a style and elegance and they looked fantastic on her. No need for accessories, just her smile and voilà! Florence always chooses the most poetic outfits for her lovely little babygirl and I always get beautiful pictures of Sasha dressed in her Boucle d’Or outfits!

Colour: soft pink or soft yellow, it's impossible to choose or decide, actually all the soft shades

Scent: a fragrant field of flowers during spring

Song: Feeling Good by Nina Simone (and the entire “The Dock of the Bay” album by Otis Redding, it’s a little gem, pure happiness)

City: not a city, a country! Italy 🇮🇹

Dessert: panna cotta with red berries

Day: Saturday

Flower: a pretty bouquet of sweet peas

I love and respect and admire so much the three ladies you’re about to read! They’re dear Boucle d'Or friends and are also great inspirations for me. Please meet Emilie, Catherine and Anh Thi!


Emilie Duchêne, Thea (8 years), Ellea (6 years) & Gaspard (2 years)

What else can I say about Emilie except it’s a young woman who spontaneously communicates her enthusiasm and joie de vivre! What I particularly like about her is her entrepreneurial side while at the same time being a mother of 3 young children. When you follow Emilie on her Instagram account you just want to be as cool and radiant as she ;-). The qualities that most touches me about Emilie is her availability, her listening skills and her kindness. She is always there to listen and support you despite a busy schedule. You got it, I’m a big fan of her!

Colour: pale yellow

Scent: fig

Song: Somewhere over the Rainbow by Israel Kamakawiwoʻole

City: Brussels 🇧🇪

Dessert : strawberry tart 🍓

Day: Thursday

Flower: peony


Catherine Dejace, Margaux (3 years) & Elisa (5 months)

Ohlala, Catherine! For me she’s femininity embodied! She has that little something that makes her sparkling, elegant and charming. She has laughing eyes! Catherine lives between Paris and Brussels and when she stops by - often on Saturdays, it’s always a joyful moment! I know I will see her amazement when she discovers new arrivals in store and she will give me that soft and luminous look! I like to talk about fashion and travel with her and when she leaves, we always say "see you very soon" to each other!

Colour: gold

Scent: bergamot, lemon 🍋 and cedar

Song: I love you by Woodkid

City: Paris 🇫🇷

Dessert : raspberry tart

Day: Friday!

Flower: peony & cherry blossom


AnhThi Nguyen & Oscar (4 years)

What struck me with AnhThi when I first saw her was her discretion, her kindness and her cutting-edge choice! When she comes to Boucle d'Or, I know she will make her selection among the least consensual items. A priori not the kind of products that someone would choose for a baby or a young child but AnhThi does and does it with style 😉 It's always a pleasure to welcome her and to see her leave the shop with sparkling eyes! See you soon!

Colour: caramel

Scent: prickly pear

Song: Daydream by Wallace Collection

City: Pietrasanta 🇮🇹

Dessert : melo cakes

Day: Thursday

Flower: sunflower 🌻

Updated: Jun 21, 2020

It's June 2nd! It starts to feel like summer, even if it will be a bit of a weird one this year 🦠... Thanks for all your messages, likes and support after being online for a bit more than two (exciting!) weeks. I thought it might be a good idea to switch roles and to ask Sabrina and her talented & cool daughter Hannah to answer the 7 questions she had submitted to her cool mums 😎 in the previous blog posts. After all she is the instigator/founder & mastermind behind Boucle d'Or and Hannah was the source of inspiration of the name Boucle d'Or with her golden curls!


Sabrina Palmisano

If Boucle d'Or was a colour?

Honey, because it's the colour that matches with everything and that makes me happy

A scent? Caramel, because it's simply delicious and it feels like an instant throwback to childhood

A city? Venice Beach, Los Angeles, CA 🇺🇸 because it has one of the most beautiful lights in the world and I just love when the sun shines so brightly it almost sparkles

A desert? A mille-feuille because when there's none left, there's (still) some more! And also lemon cake and madeleines 😉

A day? Monday because it's the day before it all starts again!

A flower? Wild flowers because they are so unexpected and always poetic

A song? Sara Perche Ti Amo by Ricchi E Poveri because I love to remember Charlotte Gainsbourg in "L'Effrontée" (1985) swaying and hopping while listening to this song


& Hannah Gunzig (18)

If Boucle d'Or was a colour? Light pink

A scent? Jasmine

A city? London (Shoreditch in particular) 🇬🇧

A day? Saturday

A desert? Raspberry cake

A flower? White tulips

A song? Comme des Enfants by Coeur de Pirate

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