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Hellooooo dear Boucle d'Or friends! Today is Sunday and it's the perfect day to introduce 3 new portraits of our favourite mom's and their kids. So let's discover what Boucle d'Or is as a : Color* Scent* Song* City* Dessert* Day* Flower for Jules, Charlotte & Priscilla 🌈


Jules Anges & Tina (5 months)

Color : yellow

Scent : elderflower

Song : La Madrague by Brigitte Bardot

City : Marseille

Desert : caramel flan

Day : Sunday

Flower : wildflower

And Jules added: Boucle d'or is you, so for me it's all that is natural and warm: sunshine, happiness and the sweetness of friendship & life 💛


Charlotte Benseba & Robin ( 13 years)

Color : emerald

Scent : Fleur de Peau by Dyptique

Song : Castle In The Snow by Kadebostany

City : Paris

Desert : Stéphanie Anspach’s cookies 🍪

Day : Friday

Flower : peonies


Priscilla Cuevas and Jules ( 5 years) & Céleste ( 3 years)

Color: ochre

Scent: apple cinnamon

Song: Big Bird in a Small Cage by Patrick Watson

City: Saint Rémy de Provence

Desert: Barbapapa

Day: Wednesday

Flower: camellia

Updated: May 24, 2020

We want to thank you all for your kind comments on our previous posts! We decided to continue to introduce our favourite (and stylish, talented, smart & beautiful) mom's and their children!

If Boucle d'Or was a:

- colour

- scent

- song

- place/city

- desert

- weekday

- flower


Clio Goldbrenner and Sienna (5 years) & Jodie (2 years)

Colour: more than a color, a print : Liberty

Scent: amber perfume

Song: Paris by Brigitte

City: le cap Ferret 🇫🇷🦀

Dessert: fluffy cinnamon rice

Day: Wednesday, it's market day!

Flower: daisy


Sandrina Fasoli and Giulia (7 years) & Elisa (4 years)

Colour: the blue of the sky

Scent: a garden in the spring

Song: Elisa by Serge Gainsbourg

City: NYC (Manhattan) 🗽

Desert: chocolate fondant

Day: Friday

Flower: peony


Cynthia Prigogine and Jil (7 years), Garance (5 years) & Joachim (2 years)

Colour: it's too difficult to make a choice !

Scent: Melograno from Santa Maria Novella

Song: Patience by Rhye

City: Venise 🎭

Desert: tiramisù

Day: Saturday

Flower: sweet pea & astilbes flower

Dorothée Engels and Mila & Josh (11 months)

Colour: old pink

Scent: lavender or orange blossom

Song: Shape Of My Heart by Sting

City: Rio de Janeiro 🇧🇷☀️

Dessert: pavlova with red fruit

Day: Friday

Flower: peony


Wendy Prower & Anna (15 months)

Colour: aurore ☞ medium light shade of yellow (golden yellow, golden pink)

Scent: cotton flower

Song: Isn't This A Lovely Day by Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong & Oscar Peterson

City: Brussels

Dessert: pastéis de nata

Day: Saturday

Flower: mimosa


Gisèle Mungiele and Thylane (20 months) & Lou (9 years)

Colour: white & old pink

Scent: it's too difficult to make a choice 😄

Song: On Ne Change Pas by Céline Dion

City: Stockholm

Dessert: gourmet fromage blanc with strawberries

Day: Monday

Flower: snowdrop

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