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Updated: May 15, 2020

For our first post we decided to introduce some of Boucle d'Or's favourite (and talented, smart, stylish and beautiful) mom's and their children. We've asked them to describe Boucle d'Or by answering 7 simple but charming questions:

If Boucle d'Or was a:

- colour

- scent

- song

- place/city

- desert

- weekday

- flower

Now, let's meet the girls!


Madeleine Van Weyenbergh & Maurice (4 years), Bruxelles

Colour: gold

Scent: jasmin

Song: Black Sands by Bonobo

City: Cap Blanc Nez (France)

Desert: the Merveilleux

Day: Friday

Flower: Lathyrus Odoratus (Sweet Pea) 🌷


Julie Lievens & Sissi (6 years), Bruxelles

Colour: powder yellow 💛

Scent: baby cologne

Song: La Plage by Yan Tiersen

City: Pietrasanta in Tuscany (Italy)

Desert: dark chocolate cake

Day: Saturday

Flower: peony


Sandra Colussi & Eleonor (6 years), Bruxelles

Colour: colour palette from powder pink to terracotta

Scent: amber and all its poetic sweetness

Song: Dress you Up by Madonna 😻

City: Milano... of course!

Desert: panna cotta, red fruit coulis & meringue

Day: Wednesday, because it's my favourite day

Flower: peony


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