I love and respect and admire so much the three ladies you’re about to read! They’re dear Boucle d'Or friends and are also great inspirations for me. Please meet Emilie, Catherine and Anh Thi!

Emilie Duchêne, Thea (8 years), Ellea (6 years) & Gaspard (2 years)

What else can I say about Emilie except it’s a young woman who spontaneously communicates her enthusiasm and joie de vivre! What I particularly like about her is her entrepreneurial side while at the same time being a mother of 3 young children. When you follow Emilie on her Instagram account you just want to be as cool and radiant as she ;-). The qualities that most touches me about Emilie is her availability, her listening skills and her kindness. She is always there to listen and support you despite a busy schedule. You got it, I’m a big fan of her!