Bandana Bib - 100% Organic Cotton


Available in: Light Green, Light Grey, Light Pink, Old Pink, White with Golden Dot.


Cottonbaby has been designing and producing bed linen since 1999. From crib, crib, junior bed to single bed. Cottonbaby has the most beautiful bedding for your child in four different sizes and made of 100% cotton! All fabrics are Oeko-tex® certified and easy to wash! When purchasing materials, great attention is paid to quality and durability. The products are of Dutch manufacture .

COTTONBABY Bandana Bib Light Pink

  • When you buy textiles from Cottonbaby, you can rely on good quality. To keep the products beautiful for longer, we have some useful tips for you.

    • To keep the product as beautiful as possible, we recommend washing the product separately and on a cold washing program the first time.
    • Washing and ironing inside out is always wise, this will prevent faded stripes and damage to the application.
    • Sort our products and other textiles carefully, depending on fabric quality and washing label.
    • Use the right amount of detergent.
    • Set the washing machine to the appropriate program and wash at the specified temperature.
    • Once the laundry is ready, remove the textiles from the washing machine as soon as possible. This prevents the color from fading.
    • Do not overload the washing machine! The wax cannot then rotate properly in the drum and is therefore less clean. In addition, washing powders do not dissolve properly, which increases the risk of powder residue, stains and reduced washing performance.
    • Also make sure that the textiles rotate well during drying of the laundry in a dryer. Overcharging can cause excessive creasing. If the dryer vent hole becomes clogged, the fabric may suffer heat damage.