The Koeka wrap towel with hood can be used to wrap your baby. This wrap towel has an opening so that it can also be used with the seat belts of the car or bouncer. This way your little one will always stay comfortably warm bot at home or on the move. The wrap towel is also nice to use during feeding. With the hanging loop the cloth is alwats within reach in th nursery. Also, take your wrap towel with you to the consultation office; ideal for when you are waiting for your appointment.

Every spring we cherish the reunion with Elba! Elba is our all-time favorite summer style which makes our heart skip a beat. The breathable fabric is made of 100% cotton and every item has the iconic Elba cotton lace. The subtle jacquard woven relief and the stonewashed finish give the sturdy structure a unique look which makes it suitable for both a boys and a girls nursery. Feel the breezy Elba summer vibes!

Product dimensions: 100x100 cm

Fabric composition: 

Main fabric: 100% CO

Machine wash at 30°C, do not tumble dry and iron lukewarm

KOEKA Wrap Towel Elba